Pullover Goodness in Hong Kong


Floral mini pullover, patterned fishnet stockings, worn with my favorite comfortable maroon boots. I only accessorized with the beige Parcel leather backpack. Wore my hair loose and free.

It’s Hong Kong time! After the 5 day Japan stay we had, we opted for a long stop over in Hong Kong. The weather was super similar to the Philippines so I had to stop wearing my heavier clothes.

Since we’ve been to Hong Kong multiple times, we didn’t see much need to go on tours. instead, we dedicated this time to shop. I like shopping in Hong Kong because though the malls are not a lot, the shopping streets are super plentiful. There are rows of streets filled with merchandise of shoes, clothes, and drugstores filled to the brim with makeup. Ah! Heaven.


Since walking around was a need, I made extra sure that I was wearing something that was light enough that I don’t sweat excessively. Of course, comfortable shoes were a necessity, too. It was great because I always bring comfortable shoes when I travel. I also love walking around. The skies then were very cloudy so we skipped the subway to walk everywhere. That way, we get to see the local sight and do some shopping on the side. Hihi.

What I love most about this outfit is that I can finally wear this pullover! This didn’t used to fit me so I was extremely happy when I was able to close the zipper. Ecstatic that I finally lost enough weight to wear things one size smaller than my usual! Hooray!!!


You’ve seen me wear these stocking in a lot of my fashion posts before. I guess I like it because it’s striking and creates a wonderful contrast. Honestly, my photos a bit amusing to look at in my opinion. My facial expression looks so stony and jaded. It feels weird to pose smiling in my ootd posts to be honest. But, I’ll try my best to get more expressions next time!



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