Rainy Weather Boots

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It’s finally that time of year! No matter how much we love the heat, the sun, and the ocean, we just adore that comfy feeling of being in a dry place on a cool, rainy day. But when you need to go out, you absolutely have to dress warmly. And the best way to do that is to keep your feet dry. Yup. Much easier to dry your shirt or skirt when it gets wet, but when your shoes get drenched? It’s bye bye good time. The solution?


Forget suede or cloth-type boots. I mean those heavy duty, leather, water resistant boots. *ehem* Doc Martens *ehem* Of course, even those wont last long in a crazy storm. Living in the Philippines means typhoon every other week so we have to be prepared. I did come up with a cute alternative to it. RAIN BOOTS! But I wanted Combat rain boots, so I made my own.

So the story goes like this. There was a time (five long years ago) that I wanted a pair of combat boots so badly, but I didn’t have the funds to buy one. They’re crazy expensive back then. A pair was around Php3,000 at least. I was a college student, living off my allowance and those shoes were waaaay beyond my budget.

So what I did was buy this super cheap flood boots from the grocery store. I made sure they were black and fitted, of course. I made a reference on Photoshop by overlaying combat boots pattern over a photo of flood boots. Then painted over the actual rubber with white acrylic paint using the reference photo.


It was kind of difficult for the paint to grip the rubber, but somehow it worked. Those boots needed few layers of coating, too, then sprayed with cheap clear paint to set the paint on them. It looked like cartoon combat boots but it looked amazingly cute. I wore it to school every time it rained heavily. Not once did my toes get wet.

The trick to wearing this is to cover the part of skin where your boots end and your legs start. Those boots aren’t exactly made for long walks and daily use. The rubber start to chafe your skin if you have it in contact for a long time. If you don’t want to wear jeans, please do wear long socks.

Not just that, we should buy another one of these and be more creative with the painting. Maybe add decals and cuter patterns! Oooh! Or stickers and 3d materials! Not only does it make me look cute, it’s unbelievably comfortable. No more wet feet in the angry rain. And and and! You get to sploosh and splash on puddles without care! The best part, in my opinion. The splooshing and splashing!

Excuse quality of the photo, this was taken 5 years ago with a webcam
Excuse quality of the photo, this was taken 5 years ago with a webcam

if you’re not feeling making your own, we can just buy decorated rain boots. Although more expensive than the DIY flood combat boots, your feet will stay warm and cozy, still.


Do you have any suggestions on keeping dry and cute in this weather? Share your thoughts on the comments section below!

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