5 Reasons to Visit the Province of Leyte: Travel


Even before Haiyan, a lot of people never saw Leyte as a tourist destination. With its rural charms and resilient people, Leyte bounced back from the throes of devastation and came back better that ever. Of course, the rehabilitation after the great typhoon isn’t totally complete yet, but the progress was amazing. This province should definitely be in your must-visit list!


1. See the Rehabilitation after Typhoon Haiyan

Leyte was the province that felt the wrath of Typhoon Haiyan the most. After the devastation after the hurricane, seeing how normal the streets have come back is really heart warming. From the utter destruction to beautiful murals, the locals rebuilt everything everything that the disaster has taken away from them. In the light of camaraderie, talk to the locals and hear the heart-breaking stories and stories of hope. Because of that, you’ll really find that all their experiences have been unbelievably inspirational. Each and every one of them has a story to tell.

2. Near the Beautiful Kalanggaman Island and Samar

Worry not! Just a bus ride away, you can get to the gateway to paradise and adventure. On the West are pristine beaches that will make your jaw drop. Kalanggaman Island is a sight to behold. With its long sandbars on both sides, clean and fine sand, not to mention the super clear waters.

Come Eastbound, exciting cave systems and rivers that slink and slither onward in Samar. The river goes on, branching towards many more communities and environment. Samar, connected to Leyte via the longest bridge in the Philippines, looks dazzling and ethereal. The different rock formations that line the zigzagging river really feels like a fantastical world set very far away.

3. Pushing for the Sustainable Eco-Tourism

The wonderful province of Leyte acknowledges the need for sustainable and environment friendly tours. The best example for this is Palompon’s great effort to reduce waste and protect the environment. Palompom is famous for its Kalanggaman Island. With its pristine water and beautiful fine sand, it’s the biggest tourist spot while maintaining the ecology and environment. Of course, other tours also try. With a little push, Leyte can become the next Eco Tourist spot to visit in the country!

4. Inexpensive Tours and Beaches in Leyte

Tours are affordable and you have a lot to choose from.  They have the Sohoton Cave adventure, where not only can you tour the natural rock formations, but also go spelunking and kayaking through a river. You can also go around Tacloban City and check out the historical places there. Or simply marvel at the Philippine’s longest Bridge, the San Juanico Bridge


5. Historical Culture and Resilient People

This is where General McArthur landed and returned to Leyte, of course, to help free the Philippines from the Japanese occupants. The people of Leyte witnessed this monumental moment and more.


In the first place, Leyte is a beautiful province filled with many wonderful spots, great food, and even more amazing locals. Why would you not want to visit?

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