5 Reasons to Visit Taal Volcano if You’re A Beach Person


Taal Volcano is usually viewed in Tagaytay, way up high in the mountains. It’s pretty from up there, but OH MY GOD. It’s amazing up close!

I’m a beach person, no doubt about it. My life will not be complete without a trip to the beach. It’s the sand, sun, and sea that makes my heart go Floom! Ahhh! Then oblivious contentment. But I had the priviledge of going to Taal Volcano. It’s an ACTIVE volcano and, yes, it was safe to go there. But there was a mountainous trek and such that didn’t appeal to my beach girl senses. And you know what? I was glad I went.

Here are 5 reasons for you to visit Taal Volcano even if you’re a beach person like me:


Chance of Stepping Out Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of our comfort zones ccan be scary but they give us experiences we would never have thought possible. New sensations, new senses, new perspective that we would otherwise have just overlooked.


You Don’t Actually have to Trek


You don’t actually have to trek and flounder and get super tired going up all the way to the top. The Taal Volcano Tourist Guides give you the option to rent a horse (with a guide!) so you can just literally sit down and get to the top. The horse does all the hard work for you whilst you enjoy the view, the sun, and happily thinking “Thank God I rented this Horse. Because dear lord, that’s a steep climb.”


The View is Worth it

Though the sea has its amazing charm, the view of Taal at the mouth of it is simply breath-taking. You have that water element but at a height that makes it look absolutely majestic. And there are cool sulfur smoke coming out of the holes of the ground. “Fantastical View” barely covers it.


A Different Kind of Experience and Photos


My usual travel photos show me on the beach, the sea, city life, but never never mountains. I guess it’s just not my thing. But this experience really opened me up to a possibility of a possibility of me going mountaineering, maybe. And my photos of my experience was extraordinary.


Time to Wear those Rubber Shoes


Finally, you get those rubber shoes your aunt gave you that looks amazing but don’t really use because rubber shoes on beaches are just just not practical. Plus a whole new kind of outfit you never would have worn would be super great in this kind of activity


What reason would you use to visit somewhere new?


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