5 Resorts in the Philippines for the Adventurous Couple

Photo taken from Mountain Lake Resort website

I’ve been around the Philippines than most people. And who better to travel with than with my SO. We’ve been to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Me being me, I prefer the adventure and the active lifestyle. And him being him, he loves the comfort and the money worth a place has to offer. Together  (we are Captain Planet)  we have the balance of an adventure couple and the luxurious comfortable stay at resorts. From around the country, have my Favorite 5 Resorts for the Adventurous Couple!

With the help of TravelBookPH, I’ve compiled this list for your adventurous feet to take you to new heights!


Kota Beach in Bantayan Island, Cebu

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Beach Front Cabanas of Kota Beach Resort

If you’re fond of beach front views, this resort will speak to you. First of all, not only is their sand soft and fine, the waters are super clean and pristine. Enjoy Kota Beach’s relaxing shore by lounging on their reclining seats facing the sea. Kota Beach lets you enjoy your privacy by having bungalows in front of the sea instead of rooms. You’ll get your own veranda and a special view of the beach.

The adventure? Bantayan Island gives you a chance to go island hopping, underwater cave swimming, and even (most noteworthy) Sky Diving! Bantayan offers you a tandem jump from way up high for a once in a lifetime thrill you don’t want to miss! Don’t let fear of falling to your demise stop you! It’s super safe, and the people are well trained to assist you! I don’t think the adventurous couple could say no to this, oh adrenaline junkies!

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La Casa Bianca in Baguio

Outdoor Cabanas of La Casa Bianca

Baguio. Part of the northern Luzon mountains. La Casa Bianca boasts of comfortable rooms, (the bed feels like you’re on a cloud!) warm staff, and breakfasts that knocks your socks off! The staff are so friendly that you can request for the common room fireplace to be lit. That way, you’ll enjoy the fire’s heat while having a cocoa with your SO.

Seems like the land of strawberries is also the land of horror storie. Of course, if REAL haunted houses give you an adrenaline rush, come stay in La Casa Bianca. While, it’s NOT a haunted house, it is RIGHT IN FRONT of the famous Laperal White House. The Laperal, notorious for spooky and strange happenings, suffered many tragedies from its different owners. Probably the most haunted residence in Baguio, it is super accessible from La Casa Bianca. Literally just cross the street to visit and hear about the evil things that this Laperal White House have already experienced. Good thing that the hauntings don’t reach La Casa Bianca because I don’t think I can sleep with weird spooky happenings!

You should definitely book this Horror Adventure here!


Thresher Cove Resort in Malapascua, Cebu

Lookout Room of Thresher Cove Resort
Lookout Room of Thresher Cove Resort

Getting to Thresher Cove is already a travel worth doing, dear adveturous couple. Thresher Cove isn’t just your regular beach resort. Just because it also doubles as a SCUBA diving resort. First of all, you can learn how to dive here, and further more, you might be able to experience something more thrilling! There isn’t a lot that’s maybe more exciting than swimming with the sharks, adventurous couple! Probably equally exciting, Malapascua can get you a tour that includes a bit of treking and more impressive cliff diving! If that doesn’t tickle your senses, I don’t know what will!

I suggest getting the Lookout room with a stunning view of the beach and sunset. Private, cozy, and perfect for couples, this room is probably the most romantic in the whole of the resort.

If swimming with the sharks is your thing, you should absolutely try booking with Thresher Cove Resort!

Mountain Lake Resort in Cavite

Amihan Room (Photo taken from Mountain Lake Resort website)

Amihan Room (Photo taken from Mountain Lake Resort website)

This is, by far, the most activity filled resort I have ever seen. Filled with obstacle courses, fishing spots, even an ASTRO CAMP! It doesn’t stop there, either! They have a pool, kayaks, hanging bridge, jet skis, cruises, paddle boats! I can go on and on because there’s just so much to do here!

You can’t even say no to the MANY kinds of accommodations you can book. I’m torn between trying out their glamping tents or their floating boat houses! Of course, I can’t deny the comfort of your own air conditioned room in their Residences Hotel, but also, you kind of wanna try the more adventurous Amihan rooms.


For the unlimited activities and enjoyment near the Metro, Mountain Lake Resort will be your thing!

The Theodore Hotel in Tagaytay

Stunning Deck with a Breath Taking View (Photo taken from The Theodore Hotel’s website)

Theodore Hotel recognizes your need for a relaxing and flawless stay. The beautiful facede and rooms just make everything feel so calm. Light and airy, Theodore Hotel is probably the most marvelous place you can stay in in Tagaytay. The majestic deck with a breathtaking view just leaves you clamoring for more.

While Tagaytay is known for the quiet and peaceful highlands, there are some stimulating experiences while different from the other 4 resorts, but same amount of pleasure. From Tagaytay, you can go and trek to an ACTIVE volcano! Yup! The scenic Taal Volcano is readily accessible from the city via a lot of tours. Furthermore, there are like, touristy zip line you can check out in People’s Park. Finally, for a fun-filled afternoon, you can opt to visit Tagaytay’s Sky Ranch. It’s a small scenic and cool theme park with a huge ferris wheel that overlooks Taal Volcano. You can’t go wrong with that view!

Peaceful with a dash of adventure? This is the perfect balance of them both. Don’t hesitate to book the Theodore Hotel if you’re interested in the Tagaytay Adventure!


These 5 resorts ought to get your blood boiling and your feet itchy for the next exciting thing with your special person. What are you waiting for? Grab your dearly beloved and try your next new adventure!


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