Reuse and Jumble


White knitted top and custom made multilayer lolita skirt in a jumble with aztec patterned cape. Underneath the skirt is a pair of black leggings. the outfit is worn with maroon colored boots and a beige leather backpack. The face is colored with minimal makeup aside from the dark lipstick. The hair is worn in pigtails, unbraided, and showing off its multicolors. Accessorized with a black watch and hair clips.

Finally! It’s my last Tokyo fashion post. It makes me pretty sad because after this my outfits would become pretty tame. From this jumble of mess to my usual calmer version of it.


This outfit has come about because I had no more room in my luggage for more clothes. thus I had to reuse my clothes from the previous weeks. The cape from the Pattern on Mustard  and the skirt from Going Lolita. The white top is from All White, leggings from Neon Pink on Black, and boots from Long Flight Ensemble. I made sure that though elaborate, this outfit was still really comfy.


I wore this on the day that we were flying to Hong Kong from Japan and I knew we would have a lot of down time. Being comfortable waiting in the airport and on the plane was a must.

Though the ensemble was a jumble of reused clothes, I made sure that it was mixed and matched perfectly to create an outfit that was coherent, not just messy. I made sure that the only pattern here is the cape and its texture was similar to the top. This technique makes it less haphazard aesthetically.


It’s important that outfits follow a certain “pattern” a certain feel to it, so it looks put together. The simple base of the black skirt and white top lets the cape and my bright colored hair to be accented. Their solid colors also help minimize the confusion that can stem from mixing different texture of fabric, colors, and unconventional pieces.


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