Second Step: Breaking In A Waist Trainer


In my previous post, I talked about acquiring my waist trainers. I mentioned there that I couldn’t cinch myself as tight as I wanted because I needed to break my corset in.

Breaking it in means that you’re gradually shaping the steel bones to fit your body shape. Each body is different so the contour of every waist trainer should conform to its wearer. This allows the wearer to be comfortable and avoid unnecessary injuries while wearing the waist trainer. To break them in, the first time you wear the corset, cinch then enough that it is snug, but not tight. After a week or two of wearing it 23 hours a day, you can gradually tighten it.

When I got my corsets, they were laced with ribbons, but the package contained nylon cords as a replacement. I loved how the ribbons looked, so I kept them while breaking it in. When I got to the point that the ribbons were cinched realy tightly, they were slipping as the day progressed, I switched to my nylon cords.


I found that the nylon cords that came with it were just too long. So I cut my cords in half, burned the end so it won’t fray, then proceeded to lace the trainers. At first, the cords felt more slippery than the ribbons because of their rounder shape. It was trickier to tie them. But I did notice that they didn’t slip throughout the day. It just took a bit of practice and I was tying the cords as if I started using them first.

Some of the things I noticed while first wearing the corset was how much less I started eating. Because of the tighter pressure around my waist, I guess I started tricking my body into thinking that I was already full. You know how when you’re full, your stomach feels tight? Yes, that feeling probably.

The second thing I noticed was that it gets itchy underneath the trainer. And I had no way of scratching myself since the trainer is basically molded on my body. In the first few days of breaking the corset in, it was still loose enough that I can, with great difficulty, put a few of my fingers in the gap between the corset and my skin to scratch the irritable surface. When it got tighter, well, I got used to it.

Another thing is that, the body shape really does change. My silhouette looks better! Even when I’m wearing loose clothes, the way the cloth hangs on my body is different. It is especially nice when I wear tight shorts. I used to get a little bit of a muffin top, that’s not the case now!


Sometimes, since the Philippines basically has one setting: “hot and humid”, wearing the waist trainer gets uncomfortable. You don’t get a lot of air circulation around your torso and you may start to sweat more because the corset is kind of hot. My suggestion: stay indoors, preferrably in a room with the airconditioning turned on.

My next post will probably the most awaited post. The results and differences after a few months of wearing the waist trainer!

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