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In Bonifacio Global City there are countless new restaurants popping up every so often. Single Origin recently had its soft opening in the 2nd Floor of the C3 Building in Bonifacio High Street.


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It let itself be known as a breakfast, dinner, drinks place. An interesting combination that I haven’t encountered before. I ate with a relatively big group so we got to order quite a lot of dishes. The sad thing was I didn’t get to taste all of it.

The first I got to try were their Truffle Fries. They were alright. Not that big of a fan of fries so I may not have appreciated its truffle-ness.


The next were S.O. Wings, which were chicken wings with beu cheese dip. They do go together, with the batter of Single Origin’s fried chicken. If you’re a fan of beu cheese, get this. We also ordered chicken with fries, which was basically the same as SO Wings only it was served without the cheese, and with fries.


The Beef Skewers tastes as good as they look, I was told. It was one of the dishes I didn’t get to taste. But look at that juicy tender meat with bacon and grilled mushroom.


This is the Home Made Corned Beef Benedict. It’s served with a side salad and potato hash. The corned beef isn’t the canned kind where it’s shredded. It was whole and very flavorful.


My favorite was the Shrimp Fat Pasta. Can you imagine? Aligue pasta. It was beautiful, both in presentation and taste. The flavors weren’t overpowwering and you can just eat and eat it. Served with a side of garlic bread, this seafood filled dish is definitely the best in all we’ve ordered.


After all those, we still had an order of anchovy pizza. Just enough saltiness and a lot cheesiness. Yumyumyuuuum!


I didn’t order any drinks since I was driving that night, but the meal was tasty and plentiful. They do offer a lot of choices for coffee, alcohol, and every drink in between. Relative to its neighboring restaurants, Single Origins is not as expensive. The ambiance was half a pub and a cafe rolled in one.

Their restroom was clean, with a fresh roll of tissue paper and a working bidet. That is a definite plus for me, bidets in the restroom of establishments.

With the quality of the meal, its price, and the added bonus of its restroom, I would give this restaurant a 7/10. For now.

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