Size Matters SM North EDSA: Foodie Review


Does Size Matter? Ah, the age old question that stirs up controversy and appetite. In this case, a restaurant in SM North EDSA answers this question as a form of their name. In BIG BOLD letters, they say, YES!



A small place on a long strip of restaurants near The Block’s Theater. The walls painted black and covered with framed quotes related to food. On the side is a wall of fame for the people who took on the challenge. Everything is BIG here! Just look at the photo below! That’s an iPhone 5 for size reference! EVERYTHING IS GINORMOUS!

iPhone5 for reference. Look how gigantic all of these are!


We were the first customers of the day in Size Matters so we had a friendly chat with our lovely server. She introduced us to their man vs food challenge. and even got her phone to let us watch a sample of the intense food fare!



Hungarian Sausage (Php 165 / 299)

I’ve noticed recently that I prefer sausages over burgers. I think that it’s the texture of the sausage. Super packed with flavor and meat that bursts in your mouth as you bite into it. Glorious! Plus, it’s easier to eat than a burger.

Their Hungarian sausage tastes really delicious! The spice is just enough and I put enough ketchup and mustard that it’s perfect for my sensibilities. It goes great with fries and iced tea!


Breakfast In Bed B.I.B. (Php 299)


Not my order, but I snuck a taste. It was a good burger. It does remind me of breakfast! Good job bacon and eggs! It was weird to taste egg in a burger but it blended better than I had expected. I think what threw me off was the sausage patty. I didn’t feel like I was eating burger. It wasn’t bad, actually, it tasted quite delicious. Just not what I was expecting.



Big ass iced tea. (Upgrade with fried +Php 60)


The iced tea is bigger than my whole face! It’s crazy! It wasn’t insanely sweet so I approve of this beverage. I looked like a halfling holding the mug. Hihi.



Challenge: Size Does Matter

They have two challenges that you can do. If you succeed in the challenge, not only is the food free, you also get a shirt and bragging rights! And get your photo featured on their Hall of Fame!

The first challenge is to eat a Titan Burger in 4.5 minutes. Titan Burger is a one pund bacon cheeseburger! The second challenge is to consume The Whacker in 6 minutes. The Whacker is a whopping 1 pound, 18 inch hungarian sausage in a humongous bun!

Both cahllenges come with fries and iced tea!




The price is reasonable and the food good. I will definitely come back and maybe, probably, I don’t know, might try the challenge..? Better yet, bring someone who can do the challenge! It would be super fun to watch!


Open Daily 10am – 10pm
Fourth Floor, The Block, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City
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