Skin Station Now at Venice Piazza in Taguig


It’s open! Similar to Blushing Beauty in MOA, Skin Station recently just opened their newest branch in the luxurious Venice Piazza in McKinley. Now, the difference between Blushing Beauty and Skin Station isn’t their services. Both offer a wide array of products and

Skin Station is anchored toward the older market. And by older, I mean not teens. I just say older because Blushing Beauty’s target market are teens. Anyway, the service doesn’t really change in price and in quality. BUT, the amount of services they offer that include anti-ageing is a lot more in Skin Station.


I really liked how Skin Station have this really minimalist clean feel to it. The lots of white and a little specks of color amazingly makes it look more professional but not overly clinical. The little details they add (like the masks as decor) give it an element of fun! That way, it isn’t boring to look at at all.

The Venice Piazza in Taguig is a relatively new mall. Getting to Skin Station was a bit tricky because there were

IMG_1776n’t a lot of places open there yet. It’s both a good and bad thing. Since Skin Station is on the third floor, and that floor has very little foot traffic for now, the placement of Skin Station is isolated and not a lot of people could pass by it and see the wonderful goodness of their services. However, this placement is ideal for people like me who just revel in the quiet when we want to be pampered.


Though the Skin Station in Venice Piazza is smaller than the Blushing Beauty in MOA, I like this branch better. Maybe it’s the cleaner look of it instead of the young look of Blushing Beauty. I think, though, that it’s the spa music that surrounds the area. I feel more relaxed and at ease.


Visit Skin Station at 3/F Venice Grand Canal Mall, Upper McKinley Hill, Taguig
09260520177 / 09426318864

Please do check out Skin Station’s Facebook and Instagram!

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