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As someone who lives in Quezon City, and used to work in Timog Ave, I am really digging the location of Stockwell Cafe. It’s underneath Cocoon Boutique Hotel  (which, in my opinion, looks and feels synergized with Stockwell Cafe) with street parking available. If you’re commuting to the place, it’s a mere block away from Timog Avenue’s McDonald’s.


At first glancce, especially from the outside, because of it’s tint and logo, I would’ve thought it a bar instead of a cafe. Lo and behold when they actually DO serve alcoholic drinks! When you enter, you know that they had thought well and hard about how the cafe should look and feel. Homey and comfortable but still feel like a high class establishment. Stockwell indeed delivers! It gives us a modern cafe feel that may even border on hipster, but still enough to feel super classy.


As expected from such a high end cafe, the service felt personalized and genuine. Although I think they weren’t as used to a high volume crowd as most restaurants for orders of huge quantities of food. Remember, though, Stockwell is a cafe and lounge, not a full restaurant type of establishment.


Now, they served us a lot of food. And by a lot I mean, almost everything on the menu! To keep things condensed, I’ll mention only my absolute favorites and must try’s of Stockwell Cafe and Lounge.


Truffle Pasta

I love this dish. It’s my favorite of everything I’ve eaten in Stockwell. In the scale of pastas I’ve eaten in my entire life, I would reserve a spot at the top for this. I adore that it tastes kind of smokey and unlike a lot of truffle pastas, you can actually smell and taste the truffle. You definitely know they didn’t scrimp on you. It came with a variety of mushrooms, too, I guess to enhance the truffle flavor and give it texture. Even with it’s enhanced truffle flavor, the dish stays light and elegant. That in itself is a feat worthy of your elite palate!

Sausage Platter


The platter includes bratwurst, Schublig, and German franks. Cheese dip comes with the platter and complements the taste of the meat well. You know that they served quality sausages because of their juiciness and spice-yness. I think it’s a great to-share food. If not coffee, you can pair it with one of their international beers. Yum yum!

Chicken Fingers

I can’t tell you how much I am amazed at the tenderness of the poultry. Not only that, it’s moist and flavorful by itself, too! Top it off with the amazing sauce that came with it, and we have a winner! They serve fries with this, too, so you don’t get tired of the flavor. I love dipping the fries in the sauce. You should try it!

Garlic Parmesan Fries

What I enjoyed most about this side dish is that it used parmesan as the substitute for salt. Instead of a simply salty fries, we enjoy a cheesy one. That said, because you omitted the salt itself, the fries aren’t too salty. The flavor works really well with garlic, too! No wonder I enjoyed their fries.




Honestly, Stockwell isn’t a cheap place to eat at, but neither is it breaking the bank to eat here. The prices are pretty standard for what almost all cafes offer. The difference is that Stockwell has quality coffee, food, and ambiance. I would then rate their prices as fair.



I enjoyed my time in Stockwell Cafe and Lounge. Definitely, watch out for my spending more time there as I go back to studying. It’s a great place to chill or focus.



The tops of the benches carry the sockets, so if you want to charge your gadgets, that is the perfect place to sit.

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+63 9496710687  | +63 9274952810
9 AM to 10 PM
Ground Floor Cocoon Boutique Hotel, 61 Scout Tobias Corner Scout Rallos Street, Tomas Morato, Quezon City


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