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Accessories are the key to a great fashion statement. The details matter, as they say. You can wear the most basic of clothes and transform it amazingly if you just have the right accessory. This time, I have fashion piece that I swear every fashionista should have.

What is a Stole?

A stole is basically an oversized shawl or scarf. What’s different is it’s construction. Simpler than a cape, but more complicated than a scarf.

  1. a woman’s long scarf or shawl, especially fur or similar material, worn loosely over the shoulders.
    • of a strip of fabric used as an ecclesiastical vestment, worn over the shoulders and hanging down to the knee or below.

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Stole so Good


Why is a stole so good anyway? And why should all fashionistas have it? I have a few reasons I’d love to share with you.


Like a scarf, it has so many many many styles you can try. My personal favorite consists of just draping it over my shoulders and arms for a loose cardigan look. Some even use it as a scarf, and the more experimental goes with the cape and belted look.



Usual stoles are made from stretchable cotton fabric. That way, it feels warm in cold places, not too hot on warmer areas, and can dry easily when wet. The fabric feels soft and light, too!


Travel Handy

It becomes pretty compact when you fold it. I plan on taking it whenever I travel since it’s light and doesn’t take up much space. Plus I’ll double it as a sweater when I get on the freezing plane or bus! In the most dire circumstance, you can roll it up and use as a pillow.


 Fashion Ready

Because of it’s versatility, a plain stole can amp up your fashion game to a whole new level. For surprise events that suddenly require you to look extra good, its going to be your best bud. Just keep it in your bag, and tada! Suddenly, your outfit looks more amazing.


Where to Buy

I got my beautiful classy stole at Stole the Scene. Each piece is at Php650. And well worth the investment. It’s affordable, versatile, and I just love mine. Of course, they sell it in different colors like black, grey, white, olive, blue, and nude pink. Mine is nude pink. I didn’t have any accessory in this color so I love how much style it brings to my different outfits. I recommend you get the grey, though. Much more easily matched with other outfit. It’s also their best seller so it sells super quickly. Mind you, you should get one ASAP.

Promo Code


You can use my promo code #JuliaStoletheScene to get Php50 off your purchase! Nice deal, yeah?


Styles to Try

I got some of my inspiration on how to wear it from their website. You can also check out their Instagram page. They have some really gorgeous outfits that match the stole.


Seriously comfortable and versatile, this is now my on hand accessory, for lazy days and still on point, or in case of fashion emergency, or when I really want to push my OOTD to a whole new dimension of gorgeous. You’ll be seeing this one on my future fashion posts, most likely.



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