Stone Massage at Soneva Spa Tomas Morato


Right after you enter, you feel this calm. You are away from the summer heat, the city noise, the everyday stress. You are in a place where everything is quiet and peaceful. That’s exactly how I felt when I entered Soneva. Maybe it was the pleasant aroma, the quietness of it all, or the low lighting that seems to let you breathe deeper. The ambiance is super relaxing.

Relaxation at its most peaceful.


I was invited by the Soneva Spa to try their services. They boasted that they’ve been the official spa of Miss Earth since 2006. Admittedly, that impressed me even before stepping foot in their establishment.

Warm tones, peaceful massage music, and pleasant scents welcome you as you enter Soneva Spa. They had tables and chairs for waiting guests and a lovely reception. The staff were very friendly and patient with me while I took my time taking photos. They even give massage recommendations depending is you have pain or want to relax. They offer services for detoxification among other things.



I chose the stone spa massage partly because I’ve never tried it before, partly because it looked nice when you see it in photos. I’ve always been curious what it felt like. My default massage is swedish and I admit I’m partial to it.

I wasn’t disappointed at all.

It’s an oil based massage, similar to Swedish. Long strokes on your skin, crumbling the lactic acid settled deep in your muscles. It’s so good that at the latter part, no matter how hard I tried to stay awake, I ended up falling asleep.


The difference of the swedish massage with the stone spa massage is that they put hot smooth stones on your back. Amazingly, it’s calming. Like mini hugs on your back. Not just that, they use the smooth hot stone to massage you. They use deep hard pressure, combine it with the hot stone, your muscles instantly relax as it caresses your skin.

They heat the stones by dipping them in boiling water. When the heat has gone from the stones, they replace it.

I would really recommend getting their Stone Spa Massage. And do get it in Soneva Foot Spa in Tomas Morato.


The prices weren’t steep compared to other massage places. And the ambiance, the privacy, and amazing service is totally worth it. You can choose to get a shower. It’s included in their price!

Tip for anyone who wants to get a massage there. Though they accept walk ins, please do reserve ahead of time. They get pretty full on weekends and this is a spa you don’t want to miss out on.


Soneva Spa is located in 4th Floor, 270 Forum Building, Tomas Morato corner Limbaga St. Quezon City, Metro Manila, Phililppines.

You can contact them through (632) 926-6249 or SMS at (632) 0917 4071129 or visit their social media pages at

Service Hours:

Mon-Sun 1pm – 12mn


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