Stripes and High Waist


Blue and white striped button down collared cropped blouse with half length sleeves and wooden buttons, black double breasted high waist folded shorts, and plain black leather simple flats. Accessorized with a thick Fossil watch with wooden detail, light pink pearl earrings, and a golden leaf hair pin.




In this hot hot hot summer we are having right now, I often contemplate many ways of wearing shorts to work. Now I don’t know about you, but my company is pretty slack in terms of dress code, but there are few times that it is a must to look professional. Like when meeting clients, for example. Now, I want to look decent, but I also don’t want to die of heat stroke.

A few of the things I noticed when wearing shorts to work is to most of the time, wear it with a collared button down. If you think it’s too simple, just add a blazer. But since we are trying to survive the heat here, I suggest to lose the blazer. Another thing is to avoid wearing heels. Heels make your legs look longer and you’re kind of already showing a lot of leg when you’re wearing shorts, so skip the heels for when you’re not going to work.

high waist


I really love this high waist shorts. It’s pretty perfect in length and it’s unbelievably comfortable, too. I’m not worried of showing too much skin either when I wear crop tops. Speaking of crop tops, this crop top is super cute. The fabric is light and airy! Also the wooden button detail really makes it stand out!


I found some of these golden hair pins during one of the bazaars last year. I bought a pair and was pretty sad when I broke one. Good thing, when I was out online shopping I found these babies! And at half the price! I think I bought at least 5 of these! Its really pretty and feminine and adds the touch I love to most outfits.



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  • Lady Arizel
    Posted April 9, 2016 9:52 am 0Likes

    Stripes looks fabulous on you 😀 I avoid any stripe clothes because for some reason they look like PJs on me >_<
    I love using beautiful hair pins especially when I cut my hair short. I'm thinking of collecting hair accessories like hair pins and gold laurel leaves.

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