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Bang bang, baby!

You never know when the zombie apocalypse will come. Nor will you ever be prepared if you suddenly get sucked into an inter-dimensional adventure. Those activities need some kind of gun weilding skills I don’t possess. I knew the solution. I needed to learn how to shoot with a gun. Gun use is a valid survival skill in case those unlikely events come to pass. It was a heaven sent I found out about Stronghand Shooting Range and gave it a try.


Stronghand Shooting Range is in E Rodriguez Sr Ave., Cubao. They offer guns and ammunitions for sale, use of range, gun rental, and use of guns among other things.

The Lessons


Before entering the firing bays, everyone is required to wear protective eye wear and mufflers. Prior to entering, all the guests are briefed about the safety regulations and rules of the range. It’s great for keeping the total safety of Stronghand’s guests. The shooting range has very wonderful teachers. They clearly and patiently explain their lessons. During that course, I learned how to load a gun, aim, and fire, which was apparently more complicated as it looks in the movies. They also taught me the safety regulations, parts of the gun, and gave tips on how to have better aim.


I used a 9mm caliber gun, one that doesn’t have much recoil and is lighter than the other types. I personally had a difficult time cocking the gun. I know my grip wasn’t good, but I can’t even use a 9mm properly. They helped me with that and gave me tips on better handling those kinds of problems. They were so accommodating and friendly that they offered to take my photo while practicing. It was kind of comical how the instructor would coach me while snapping photos of me.


The Range


The range boasts of its in-house coffee shop, 180 degree viewing room that looks into the many firing bays they have, rentable seminar room that can house at least a hundred people, and their approachable attitude toward guns and ammo. I once tried to look an empty gun at its barrel and the receptionist kindly but firmly took the gun from my hand and explained to me that in their premises all guns, whether loaded or not, is considered loaded as an extra safety precaution.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Cafe is the cafe within the lobby of Stronghand range. They offer a different drinks and some sandwiches that sate your hunger and thirst after a day of shooting. And boy, do you need it. Who knew that shooting can work up an appetite?


Stronghand is family friendly, too. They accept children in the venue, but they do not allow them inside the firing bays, to make sure that they are safe. The children can watch with the range’s 180 degree viewing window. They can leisurely stay at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Cafe there, too.

Toxic Free

What sets Stronghand Shooting Range apart from all of its competitors is its stand on being Toxic Free. The ammunition that they use has a toxic-free formulation. The ammo has no airborne lead, no sulphur dioxide, no barium oxide, no antimony oxide. They make their bullets right here, too!


Their firing bays have 4 units of HEPA filters and turbine air exchangers. But most of all, it’s people are friendly, helpful, and not at all set in ego inflation. They would be the people, if set in a super hero movie, who teaches you how to use your power and it’s responsibilities and guide the super heroes into the correct path.

If you want to start your training as a zombie apocalypse survival, or at least just experience this really dangerous, yet exciting activity, you may want to try Stronghand Shooting Range.





You can check more about Stronghand Shooting range by visiting their website, or going to their place!
La Defense Building 1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Cubao QC.


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