Summer Pattern on Pattern


Cool colored patterned sleeveless crop top, distressed demin shorts, and warm colored patterned summer coat. Paired up with black high heeled lace up boots and a brown metal studded leather belt. Accessories include a minimalist bracelet with stones and a pentagon shaped sunnies. Finish off with a simple ponytail.




Pattern on pattern is really difficult to pull off. I’m kind of glad that pattern on pattern isn’t a popular trend right now. You have to make sure that the different patterns you’ll be wearing match each other in size, shape, and color. you can’t make it TOO similar, but you can’t make it TOO different either. Its basically the Goldilocks of fashion trends.

I don’t really know what the coat thing is called. Is it a cover up? Is it a kimono type thing? But I call it a coat because its super thick and warm. I know, the material isn’t ideal for the summer, but the pattern is really pretty. As well as its general shape. I bought it on sale in H&M. Around 50% off, if I remember correctly. And I super love it.




Of course, I’m wearing my boots-that-make-me-look-taller. I usually pair that foot gear up with outfits that I think would make me look short. I think the thickness and bulky shape of the coat really dwarfs me so I had to compensate somehow.

I really love my new sunnies. They’re this weirdly shaped things that look so cool. I really think that odd shaped sunnies are a must have for Summer 2016. It adds a bit of spice to the outfit and makes it look a bit more unique.


I’m most likely going to be wearing the coat again sometime this year. Maybe I’ll make a contest out of it. Like a trivia on how many times I wore a certain clothing item and posted about it on or something.



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