Sunset Boulevard Fashion Shoot

11C_2406Sunset Boulevard is an iconic film made in the 1950s. Nominated multiple times and won its share of Academy Awards, nonetheless. The outfit is based on the movie’s grand and elegant aesthetic.

Black low cut one piece pull over suit. The permanent accessories are plain gold full collar necklace, diamond stud earrings, and a silver dragon ear cuff on the left ear. Also present are golden bangles on both wrists.


Multiple shoe changes of either a high heeled black and brown oxford theme boots or a high heeled black and leopard print felt shoes.  The outfit accessorized with a multitude of items, turned a lot of heads.

Used a leopard patterned scarf as either a belt or as a headdress. Or opt to lose the scarf altogether to use a white fur vest with a gold woven belt. For sunnies, a super round and ultra reflective for an extra 1950s feel.


I just adore how I feel sexy in this outfit. The material is stretchy so it clings to your curves perfectly. If I had to change anything, I’d rethink the underwear I was wearing. It’s really a faux pas of mine not to choose something that is seamless. The bad effect was that there are areas that are more obvious and look fatter because of it.

This photo shoot doubles as a plate of a fashion stylist friend, Raisa. She chosen which outfits and accessories to wear. It felt kind of weird not be the one who decides your ootds. But it refereshed my style palette and inspierd me! It was a wonderful experience. She knew exactly what went well with what. I appreciate that she picked me for this plate. We all had a ton of fun shooting. I’ve never had a glamour photo shoot before, so I’m counting this as my first!

Though BGC is exclaiming that they are photo-friendly, we were accosted multiple times about this shoot which was a confusing thing. Of course, it may be because we were in Burgos Circle and not in the High Street.  But it’s still in BGC, so I’m not so sure.

She asked our photographer friend Hiraya to take beautiful photos of us. He is an amazing photographer so you should go check out his work. He is super good with portraits.

We all agreed to meet early morning to get the best possible natural light. I felt super glad we agreed with the early thing. It wasn’t traffic at all and it was a breeze to go to BGC all the way from QC.



Though, this outfit isn’t one I would normally wear as street wear, it was really fun to go around in the early hours of the morning wearing something that is more suited to the late hours of the night. I’m glad that my friend went with the Sunset Boulevard aesthetic. Don’t you just adore vintage looking ensembles?

I haven’t actually watched the movie. I just looked at the photos and checked out its wiki page. Honestly, the only black and white films I watched were the ones with Hepburn.

Fashion tip: When wearing a solid colored one piece, a pattern or a splash of color can help you make a boring outfit into a dazzling one.

sunset boulevard

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