Surprise Malaysia Mix Outfit


This Malaysia trip heavily pushed my mix and matching fashion skills to the limit. Bold, red, below-the-knee, heavy draped skirt paired with a black, thin strapped, light top. Tucking the top in the skirt helps produce a silhouette that accentuates the waist. For the shoes, I chose to wear a pair of white sneakers with the short colored socks peaking a bit. A black, leather backpack and rounded, reflective sunnies complete the look as accessories.

Since I had no idea I was going to Malaysia, it was not only our itinerary a spur of the moment thing. But all my clothes have been packed by my sisters, which means, I have no idea what my suitcase contained. Thankfully, my sister practices a very good sense of fashion and practicality and packed for me essentials with accent pieces. I could work with those.

This skirt makes it difficult for me to pair with just any top. The heavy drapery and it’s boldness makes this skirt the centerpiece but won’t let just any top match with it. It feel pretty frustrating, but super fulfilling when I get a top to match it.


I tied my hair back into a ponytail to achieve a casual look. The sunnies I used, rounded with a kind of wing, makes the outfit look more sophisticated and classy.

Meanwhile, I wore this outfit when I visited their Malaysia’s National Museum, Planetarium, Batu Cave, and the Petronas tower. Though my first day is completely different from my suggested itinerary, I feel like this is still a wonderful outfit for the said tourist spots.

With the comfortable footwear, I was able to climb a buttload of steps in Batu Cave, wander and marvel at their museum and planetarium, and go around the city without much hardship. Of course, all of this while looking as fabulous ans possible. Sure, doesn’t hurt that the outfit is super breezy so I didn’t sweat as I would have in a different outfit.



Like my outfit? Hate it? Share you thoughts on the comments section below. If you have suggestions and fashion questions, I would love to hear them!

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