Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Bar: Foodie Review


This itty bitty store is located right along Sgt Esguerra in front of ABS-CBN. If I remember correctly, this used to be a Persian Food place, which now had been shoved together with Backyard Burgers, sharing one space.

I got the small servings, that’s 8 pieces each, of all their sushi. So basically bought the big serving! The flavors include Cali Maki, TKHM Roll, Spicy Tuna, Migori, Dragon Ball. My favorite one is Dragon Ball. Very flavorful and the elements blend nicely.


Though the sushi all looked very good and appetizing, the only ones I truly enjoyed were Dragon Ball and Cali Maki. Now, I’m pretty experimental with food and will try almost anything, but the other sushi flavors weren’t as tasteful or delicious. To be frank, it was kind of bland and meh.


I also ordered their kani salad. Kani salad comprises usually of shredded crab sticks, cucumber, and japanese mayo. Some restaurants add a bit of lettuce in there for muore crunch, add mango for a fruitier flavor, even put fish roe as a saltier topping. Ta Ke Ho Me does it differently. Their kani salad had shredded crabsticks aplenty, I appreciate that, by the way. but instead of a lot of cucumbers, they used carrots instead. It does still have a few strands of shredded cucumber, but it wasn’t their main greens.

Their main greens looked orange. Haha! But since they used carrots, the greens and oranges was just an amazing combination of color and looked so much more appetizing. It really helped that they didn’t scrimp on the fish roe, too! I love that they used sweet mangoes. However, they didn’t put any Japanese mayo on it so it kind of tasted bland to me.


The first thing I noticed when they served it to us is that they’re super duper pretty. Plus, the big window of their store makes it amazingly photogenic. I especially loved how they used minimal design in their packaging. Just a craft box with a single color stamp of their logo. It has a homemade, simple, hipster feel to it that I just adore.



Though amazing in presentation, the taste still needs to be further developed. I’m willing to come back here, in high hopes that their sushi becomes better tasting. I believe that they can achieve great things someday. With their price point, it’s a good enough sushi, but not good enough for me.

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