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Menstrual Cup Tips: Everything You Need to Know




The biggest reason why many of us women are not yet switching to Menstrual cups is because we are afraid. Menstrual cups are a new kind of menstruation tool that hasn’t always been available to us. Aside from that, we don’t know a gosh darn thing about it. How do we use it? Does it hurt? How does it work? What if it gets stuck inside me? My menstrual cup tips and tricks will address all those questions and more.

Menstrual Cup Experience

menstrual cup

I can now say I’ve tried the popular menstruation aids that are available in the market. There’s the sanitary pad, which is the most popular in the Philippines, the tampon, more popular in the Western part of the world, and the menstruation cup, which is just taking off in the global market.

If you are queasy about blood and menstruation and you think it’s gross or whatever, don’t read on. And I am silently judging you.