Taipei for Solo DIY Travels: 3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary

I've been to Taipei twice and this itinerary is specifically made for and by yours truly. It's targeted more for those who want to see more of the culture with a limited amount of time rather than taking the time to integrate themselves into the culture of Taiwan.

The itinerary below is only a rough guide on what I did during my first visit to Taiwan. I didn't follow my own itinerary to the letter. I even opted out of visiting some of these landmarks and visited other areas instead. In my previous post about preparing for my solo trip, I've outlined the itinerary I was going to use.

3 Day/2 Nights Taipei Itinerary

Day 1:

Chang Kai Shek

The most beloved and tourist-y place possible. This gargantuan plaza / park/ memorial hall looks like the most famous landmark in Taipei. Do not miss this. It’s crazy huge and even with the onslaught of tourists and locals that visit the place won’t let you feel cramped at all.

Address: 100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, 中山南路21號
Transportation: Chang Kai Shek Station Red Line
Transfer Time: 30mins from Taipei Main Station
Tel. +886 2 2343 1100
Hours: 9AM–6PM
Note: There is an Hourly Changing of the Guards to watch

Confucius Temple

Transportation: Take the Red Line 2 to Yuanshan Station (圓山). After leaving byExit 2, continue walking down Kulun St (庫倫街), take a right at the intersection of Dalong St (大龍街). The main entrance will be located on the right side.
Transfer Time: 35mins from Chang Kai Shek Station

Dalongdong Baoan Temple

Transportation: Take the Red Line 2 to Yuanshan Station (圓山). After leaving by Exit 2, continue walking down Kulun St (庫倫街), take a right at the intersection of Dalong St (大龍街). Walk past Confucius Temple and take a right at Hemi St.

Shifen Old Street

Buy a giant lantern and adorn it with your wishes. They say that these wishes come true when you release it to the sky. This old railroad track still works! When the train come a-running, you'll be herded towards the sidewalk to let it pass, and you can resume walking on the tracks!

Address: Pingxi Area
Transportation: From Taipei Main Station, take a northbound train (except Keelung-bound trains) towards Ruifang Station. Transfer to the Pingxi Line (平溪線) and purchase a One Day Ticket for the Pingxi Line, NT$52.
Transfer Time: 1.45Hrs from Yuanshan Station
Note: Last Train Leaves at 9:30pm

Nanxia Night Market

This night market can be best described as quaint. A smaller version of most of the night markets, it features stall of almost all the famous street food in Taipei. Definitely a great venue if you want the food but too tired to scope out blocks of area to explore.

Day 2:

Shung Ye Museum

Address: No. 282, Section 2, Zhishan Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111
Transportation: MRT Red Line 2 Shilin station (士林), walk outside the station and board Bus R30 (紅30), fare NT$15. Do not cross the road, as busses on the MRT station side of the road head east towards the museum.
Tel. +886 2 2841 2611
Hours 9am – 5pm

National Palace Museum

Address: No. 221, Section 2, Zhishan Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111
Transportation: Take the MRT Tamsui-Xinyi Line to the Shilin Station and take bus R30 (Red 30 – Low-floor bus) to the National Palace Museum. Other buses 255, 304, 815 (Sanchung – NPM Line), Minibus 18 and Minibus 19.
Tel. +886 2 2881 2021
Hours 08:30 to 18:30
Note: English Guided Tour schedules online here. Please be there 30 mins before the tour for registration.

Sanxia Old street

It is literally only a street long attraction. Shifen Old Street reminds me of that Vigan street Calle Crisologo. Truly, it transports you to the older times with a mix of the new thrown into it.

Transportation A: From MRT Yongning Station (永寧), Blue Line 5, take bus number 705, 706, or 三鶯線先導公車 (no English name) to Jiaoxi Li/Village (礁溪里) station. After getting off the bus, walk southwest down Zhonghua Road (
中華路) about 150-200 meters. At the Family Mart, turn right onto Guangming Road (光明路), until you see a large red Chinese gate. Cross bridge (Zhangfu Bridge, 長福橋).
Transportation B To/From Yingge: Sanxia is only a 10 minute drive from Yingge. Take a Local Train (區間車) from Taipei Main Station to Yingge, simply take a taxi to Sanxia Old Street (三峽老街, Sānxiá Lǎojiē). Fare is around $140-180.
Note: Dont forget to visit the Qingshui Zushi Temple and Li Meishu Memorial Museum


Yingge serves a pottery hub of Taipei. It fills the streets with its ceramic art and stores. You can even attend a class to learn how to make pottery and get to bring your creations home.

Transporatation: Alight at Yingge Station from a local train station, or 10 mins away from Sanxia Old Street by taxi (Ask driver to drop you off at 鶯歌火車站)
Yingge Museum Fare: $80
Hours: 9:30 to 18:00
Note: Order ice cream for pottery! Ceramics and Pottery Museum

Longshan Temple

Transportation: Blue Line 5 to Longshan Temple (龍山寺) north of the stationplaza, Exit 1

Shillin Night Market

This is the biggest night market in Taipei. If you've think you've seen it all, think again, because it even features an underground night market as well. From food to cheap clothes, it's a perfect past time for the traveler.

Transportation: Red Line 2 to Jiantan Station (劍潭), not Shilin Station. Exit 1, diagonally cross the street to the left to enter the night market.

Day 3:

Free morning

Jiufen & North Coast Tour

A half day tour that lets you explore the North Coast of Taipei. It's quite difficult to DIY so I opted to get a bus tour. It was a great investment because I saw how crowded bus terminals going to the area get during peak seasons and thanked my lucky stars I didn't go through that hassle.

Being a fan of Ghibli, Jiufen became my must visit since the movie "Spirited Away"'s set inspired its setting. The North Coast houses the amazing rock formations that look simple ethereal.

Klook Tour found here
Pick Up Time: 1300
Pick Up Location: at any downtown Taipei hotel/hostel
Hours: 1300-1900

Depart to airport

Bus. Kui Kuang Bus Terminal
Location: Taipei Main Station, East Exit 2; white, blue, purple
Fare: $125 or use EasyCard to get a small discount

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