Thai Princess Inspired Outfit: Fashion

Black tank top and pink stole for the upper half. Flower patterned with gold accents for the sarong style full skirt for the bottom. Paired with Black and white striped heels, golden bangles, and an elephant statement necklace. For a more posh look, completed with Sunnies Audrey for the shades.

Similarly with my previous fashion post, this outfit was specifically worn for my shoot with Stole the Scene. Amazingly, it wasn’t the first time I wore this outfit. the first time was during TBEX (Travel Bloggers Expo) 2016.

The Thai Princess feel is mainly the skirt and accessories working together. The flowery pattern and the elephant necklace, plus the shiny bangles make me think of temples and royalty. Which leads us to the Thai princess Aesthetic.

What I super love about this outfit is that I know that this skirt will be a bit hard to imitate. Since I got it from the Ukay Ukay, I have no idea when they used to sell this or if its even still in production. I also really like that there are gold accents embedded in the thread work of the patterns. I guess it’ll be a bit difficult to use as casually as I would like, I’m still pretty amazed at this skirt.

The simple top and the flowing texture of the stole really tied the whole piece together. But the little details worked to create an even Asian princess-y look that just looks adorable and sophisticated. If I had the time, I would have pushed it a bit more and had my nails painted shimmery gold.


thai princess


Top from H&M . Skirt from Baguio Ukay Ukay. Heels from . Stole from Stole the Scene . Bangles from H&M Philippines and .  Shades from SunniesPH .


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