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This is my Facts about Julia Antoinette / About Me: Geek Edition. Basically, I talk about all the geek things I love and rant about those I hate, and try to do everything in a nutshell. And this is a loooong post. Like three times longer than my normal posts.



I love books. I love to read. I love books with plots and sub-plots over plots and a dozen other subplots with so much plot twists that I haven’t recovered after the previous twist and there’s another one punching your gut. Don’t you just love it when you can’t let go of a book?

My favorite book genre is fantasy and sci-fi. I’m particularly fond of Brandon Sanderson, Terry Pratchett, and Holly Black.  I also like Ready Player One, Star Wars novels, and a bunch of other books that don’t belong in Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre. Oh! I have a thing for dragon books. You know, books with dragons in them.

Among my favorite Sanderson book is “Warbreaker”, the first: I’ve ever read and the reason I’m in love with Sanderson’s writing. But I have a deep emotional connection with the Mistborn Series. And that ending!!! THAT ENDING! I can’t-

I’ve been a Potterhead since I was 9. I remember because I was that age when I read the first book and couldn’t wait to become 11 to receive my letter. I love love love how Rowling’s style slowly matures as her target audience (us) are growing up. Unlike most children stories, this is special because your characters actually grow up with you over the years. And every time a new book came out and you and the characters are older, you relate to them even more so.

I am a big fan of Sir Terry Pratchett (May Death have a cuppa with him every Sunday afternoons). My first novel of him was his collaboration with Gaiman “Good Omens”. I adored the book. It was one of the few that made me laugh out loud in public places as I was reading. Initially, I thought it was Gaiman that I was a big fan of. Then I read more of Pratchett’s work and I realized the parts I found funny in Good Omens were actually Pratchett’s touches. My favorite of the Discworld series is “Wyrd Sisters”.




I’m more of a series geek than a movie one. Probably because I love taking time to getting to know the characters, becoming attached to them, and emotionally investing on their hopes and dreams. (Then get crushed when they suddenly die or experience a disaster. Cries into oblivion)

I love Doctor Who. I didn’t like the pilot episode, but slowly learned to love it as the plot arches and I got to know the characters (Hi, Rose). My favorite is the 10th doctor. I love Ten because of how quirky and smart he is and isn’t afraid to use his knowledge. It’s like he knows what he wants and how to get it. And then he goes for it. He is a great balance of Nine and Eleven. I’m just waiting for Peter Capaldi to finish his run as the Doctor before I download all the episodes and binge watch that era.

I can’t be any more excited for Game of Thrones. I didn’t read the books, nor do I plan to. I think that HBO did a marvelous job with the production that they probably will exceed my imagination when it comes to this. My favorite character is Daenerys, for the shallow reason of DRAGONS.

I also have a love for animated series, and not just anime (although I cannot deny my love for anime I am such a weab). I watched the Avatar: The Last Airbender and Korra (I’m definitely a waterbender). I recently finished Miraculous Ladybug. (Why can’t they see that they’re Marrionette and Adrienne???) I even got into Adventure Time! I don’t care if they’re meant for kids! They’re really cool!



I started my comic love from Archie, then delving into Calvin and Hobbes, and then the daily newspaper comics. From there, I discovered comic strips like Kiko Machine, Garfield, and a bunch of other stuff. I’m a huge WITCH fan and even read Monster Allergy. The creator of WITCH has this splendid other comic about aliens but it isn’t finished which saddens me.

Oh! I am also into manga, but I haven’t read any in a long time. The only manga I actually remember finishing and trying to collect was XXXHolic by Clamp.

I am really into Filipino made comics, too. I usually go to comic conventions to hoard the new and interesting titles. Some of the recent comics I like from the conventions, you can read about here and here.

Aside from all those physical comics, I am really into a few online comics, too. Homestuck, Oglaf (Warning NSFW), Mary-sensei, xkcd, and a few more I but cannot for the life of me remember right now.

Homestuck has been an incredible part of my life. I met a lot of my close friends being in that fandom. In fact, this group has been such a tight community, we actually made a Prom out of it (we call it Promstuck) for 5 years. The last was just recently. You can read all about the Promstuck here.

PS. I do prefer Marvel to DC.



Though I previously worked in the game development industry, I don’t play console games. I was raised by strict parents with rules like No Game Console in the house after our short stint (like 2 months) with our PlayStation1. So the only games I played were PC games that were “acceptable” for girls and a few old PS games like Spyro, The Grinch, and Rugrats. I’ve never in my life played Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy or Silent Hill, or any of the games that many of my friends tell me are awesome.

But I am a B I G Sims fan. I played all the Sims from the first to now and have the expansion packs. I even take the time to watch Sims House Building tutorials and download custom skins, furniture, etc from all over the interwebs.

One of my favorite Sim houses I made

Finally, in college, I saved enough to buy my own NDS Lite, which is still alive and fully functioning to this day. So I started playing games like Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, The World Ends With You, Harvest Moon, Pokemon and so much more. I got so addicted to Harvest Moon that I borrowed the Game Boy module to insert into my DS to unlock the other characters.

I also got really into Ragnarok Online in high school. I’d spend my afternoons in the internet cafe, doing my homework for the first 15 minutes and playing for another 1 hour 45 minutes. Strict parents mean I cannot break my curfew so I had to stop. Mind you, this was when RO was pay to play, so I had to budget my meager allowance so I could get my RO fix.

Civilization V in Steam also is a beautiful game for me. Complex, long-running. with multiple difficulties and an abundance of options. My normal game time for this is around at least 4 hours per game.

Recent events have had me playing FPS, though. The famous game even before it’s release Overwatch. I love how it’s difficulty depends on your skillset. My favorites to play are Mercy, Tracer, and Zarya!

 My StarWars outfit
My StarWars outfit

I’m glad I’m a geek. Being one lets me meet people with the same interests as me. My geek side allows me to express my passion for the weird things. Also, that feeling when you find a fellow fan and you just geek out and suddenly have that warm fuzzy feeling in your chest for that person. That feeling. Yes. Like instant friends.


I have so much more to say, but I think this post is already too long so I’ll stop here. If you want to talk about all the geek stuff we share, do comment below and we’ll talk geek all day long!


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  • Lady Arizel
    Posted July 2, 2016 7:45 am 0Likes

    I haven’t read Way of Kings yet boo ~ I read the whole series of Game of Thrones. I agree that the TV series did well, fast too. I haven’t read books for a while since I have to study Japanese for the JLPT. My favorite author is Patrick Rothfuss. For games I guess I played a lot. Started from mini arcade games to Age of Empires II, Battle Realms, of course Sims. Then went to Assassin’s Creed (even read the books!) Elder Scroll Oblivion and Skyrim. Oh, Fable: Lost Chapters :)) Well, thanks to these I became the most boring person to be with coz I rather talk about these kinds of stuff than gossiping. Haha but who cares?

    • julia
      Posted July 2, 2016 9:37 am 0Likes

      You should read it! I haven’t read GoT, I havent had the time to start. I’ve never read a Patrick Rothfuss. Do you have titles that you can recommend?
      I heard Fable is really good! And I love talking about these, too! <3

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