The pros and cons of a ski trip in Austria

Some people look at snow and just see cold weather, which isn’t ideal for outdoor activities. Others look at snow and see fun! If you’ve determined that Austria is the next location you want to ski after enjoying the activity for a while, here is what you should know before you embark on your memorable adventure.

The pros of skiing in Austria

1. World-class lift systems

Snow (artificial and natural) is always available in Austria, so you can ski at any time of the year. The country has the best lift system in the world, making it possible to transition from one location to another quickly. The nation is also quite advanced in terms of winter sports infrastructure, as it is one of the leading countries in Europe in regards to skiing technology, so you’ll get to ski and enjoy your time in the country with peace of mind.

2. Exceptional hospitality

Austrians have a long tradition of hospitality that they extend to their guests. They have a rich culture that’s also celebrated with local dishes such as wiener schnitzel, sweet apple strudel, and potato goulash. A ski trip in Austria will ensure you’re surrounded by a loving community with a vibrant culture.

3. It’s affordable

Compared to skiing in other locations, you’ll find a skiing trip to Austria relatively affordable. And if you find yourself paying more than you are willing to for the holiday itself, the cost of the services and products you’ll be using when you’re there will more than make up for it. Austrians have a tradition of providing value-for-money, and they never charge more than necessary.

4. Après ski

Après ski refers to recreational activities to engage in during the evening after a day of skiing. And they don’t do après ski better anywhere else than in Austria. Starting in the afternoon, après ski sessions can include the fabled Jägertee, catchy tunes, tasty dishes, or lunches on the piste delivered by a warm, family-based community.

5. The Run of Fame

The 85-kilometre long run weaving around the Arlberg ski region, commonly known as the Run of Fame, is for serious skiers. It can take a full day to complete, but it’s worth it for the incredible views and experience. We advise planning ahead and studying the ski map, route numbers and lift names before you start.

Cons of skiing in Austria

1. The cuisine isn’t to everyone’s taste

The local cuisine isn’t for everyone. So before ordering a pot of potato goulash, it would be wise to taste it first before subjecting yourself to buyer’s remorse.

2. Hasty gondola photos

Taking gondola photos is a favourite activity for those using the facilities. However, due to advanced technology, the transport system works faster than it initially did, which means you may not get to take your photos as easily as before. If you must take a gondola photo, you’ll need to be prepared in advance and be quick.

Bottom line

In essence, Austria is an excellent location for skiing. It’s as if the place was created solely for this activity, and there really isn’t much to dislike about Austria as a skiing destination.

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