Tito’s Resto and Grill: Foodie Review


If you ever find yourself walking the beach of Boracay, looking for a restaurant that can soothe your elite palate and ginormous appetite, head over to Tito’s Resto and Grill!


In the midst of the famous beach of Boracay, lies another famous for its Filipino Seafood Cuisine. In Station 2, on the shore, overlooking the beach in all its glorious water.



Although it was hot (the A/C wasn’t working then), it was pretty and had big windows with a beautiful view of the sea. Since the air-conditioning wasn’t working, they opened up the windows and let in the fresh sea breeze. To cool off, they strategically positioned fans around the customers.



I’ve had great service from them. Water refills are automatic and they took the time to consider the seating arrangement of their customers in accordance to the placement of multiple fans.



Aligue Pasta

Spaghetti with Aligue Sauce topped with huge fried shrimps. We loved this dish so much, we ordered another one! Which was a mistake because we became so full that we couldn’t stand for a while! The beautiful seafood flavors blended together perfectly. And I am in love with the subtle aligue coating to the pasta itself. An AMAZING dish. MUST EAT!!!


Sugpo in Aligue

Huge ass shrimp covered in sinful aligue. Five hundred percent sure that its fattening and loaded with cholesterol, but YOLO! I think I have to swim to Manila and back just to get rid of the calories but is it worth it! Just like the Aligue Pasta, this Sugpo in Aligue perfectly melds the two flavors from the shellfishes: crab and shrimp, to give you this really good, but really bad (for your cholesterol levels and waist) dish.

Grilled Squid

Personally, I tend to be picky about my grilled squid. It has to be cooked JUST RIGHT. If it’s overcooked, the texture becomes rubbery, but if its undercooked, the texture is slimy. Tito’s did not disappoint me. It was cooked to perfection and matches the vegetable really well, too!

Fried Halo-halo


I’m not a huge fan of halo-halo, so I might be biased. Although deconstructed and created inside a lumpia shell, it took away the essence of Halo-halo which was cool beverage to soothe the heat. Since it’s fried, its crispy and sweet but not what you’d like your halo-halo to be which is cold and an explosion of flavor.


The food, at first glance, looked pricey. However, once you bite that first bite you’ll be overwhelmed by how worth it your money is. Not only is the presentation top notch and the food good, the ingredients were fresh and they cooked everything to perfection.


Overall of Tito’s

In a place of intense competition, Tito’s really made a name for itseld as a great place to get local food on another level. With its beach-y breezy aesthetics, the ambience is on point.  Seriously, though, the food is gosh darned amazing. Even though the prices are quite high relative to its neighboring competitors, the competitors can’t hold a candle to Tito’s deliciousness either. Not only was the food soooo good, they presented it so prettily that its a work of art. No wonder people are lining up and returning to Tito’s.


  • Come in evening so its not hot
  • Try to reserve a table as it gets really full
  • Don’t miss the Aligue Pasta!

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