Tokyo Japan Itinerary


We stayed in Japan for 5 days and stayed in Tokyo. Honestly, I would have liked to stay longer. Here is our Tokyo Japan Itinerary for your use!


Day 1- Arrival at Tokyo

Took the JR Express to Tokyo Station
Cost: Y3300 per person
Ate at a fast food place where you order on a machine. Apparently this is pretty common! Aside from ordering, its socially acceptable to ask the servers for water and spoons and forks if needed. Just so you know, to ask for water you can say “Mizu kudasai” which translates to “Water please”.
Stayed in a friend’s place overnight. We had taken over their children’s bedroom and was very very comfortable. They were Filipino that had migrated to Japan because of the mother’s job. The family was very much accommodating and friendly.



Day 2 – Shopping

We had breakfast at home ad got to try my new favorite salad. It’s basically just cabbage and carrots, with roasted sesame dressing. Yumyumyummm!
We went around the neighborhood and our hosts told us about their life in Japan. After which, we all went to several outlet stores and second hand stores of branded items. I was not interested, but my companions were so I shouldered on. Went to the mall in Ikebokuro. It was pretty fun because most of the stores there were outlet and were at a HUGE bargain price. I got to buy a beautiful pair of white shoes for only Php500. And we went crazy in their multiple big ass 100 yen stores, too.

This night we went to eat at a sushi conveyor belt restaurant. It was a super duper fun experience.  Per plate is Y100 and some dishes have more than one plate so you know it costs Y200. To count the plates, you shoot them through an opening at the side of the table. Each table has a screen on the top of the side. When you reach a certain number of plates, a game plays out and you can win a toy by chance!



Day 3 – Fuji and Flower Festival

Travelled all the way from Tokyo to see Fuji. We went using a van so we saved up from train transportation costs. Normally, trains from Tokyo to Fuji is  It’s super great because we found an off road site that has a super clear view of Fuji and a lone cherry blossom tree still in bloom. We spent maybe up to an hour there just taking photos.

The entrance to the festival was Y***. When we got to the festival, it was beautiful. So much flowers, mostly in pink and white, covered the lands as far as the eye can see. We got there late, but the people are still streaming in and out the event grounds. There were food stalls that sell sweets like dango, some have rice meals, even a western dish of chicken and fries. And dear lord, the portable toilets were as clean as private bathrooms. It’s amazing.

By nighttime, we had moved from Ikebukuro to Shinjuku.  I guess you could say that Ikebukuro is the suburbs. Shinjuku is more central city. I love that it feels like it never sleeps. Convenience stores and fast food chains are open round the clock and are available at almost every corner. Plus Japan has dozens of ))) littered around and its really convenient.



Day 4 -Shinjuku and Tokyo

We visited this temple inside Tokyo. Sensoji. Big tourist attraction. And the best part! As we were walking towards the temple from the station, I found this really cool place that rents out kimonos. I wan’t planning on putting it on, but I HAD to. So I did.

You could rent the kimono from 9am until 5pm and go everywhere with it! SO I did. After visiting the temple, we went around and visited their famous Sumo Wrestling tournament. I’m not a fan, but my father is. We walked around the area some more and took a quick peek around the museum near there.

That evening, we went to Shibuya to see and cross the legendary Shibuya Crossing. It was as big and as busy as it was said. AND at that station was the Hachiko statue! It was fun! Shibuya and Shinjuku (plus Harajuku) are where you’ll see most of the eccentric fashion of the Japanese. Mostly the youth are the ones who wear them, but there were some of those from the older generation who join in the fashion frenzy!


japan itinerary

Day 5 – Meiji Temple and Tsukiji

I was stunned to see how utterly grand Meiji temple was. I mean, I’ve heard of its greatness but it was freaking huge. It was around a 15 minute walk from the temple gate to the actual temple proper. And wow. It really was a sight to see. If you watch anime like me, it really is like that. Before entering the temple, you have to cleanse yourself by washing in the well just outside. You wash your hands, and you gargle the impurities out. Only then can you set foot inside.

Tsukiji was the next stop. Now, it is often said to go to Tsukiji early morning because that’s when the action really happens. But we just wanted to try their world famous sushi for lunch. Tsukiji is a famous fish market where the best fishes are brought to to be prepared by master sushi chefs. We ate at a nice restaurant there. A set of sushi costs at around Y2000, which is “cheap” considering the quality. It was very delicious. You can actually taste the pure fresh tuna on your mouth. It’s a subtle difference from what we are used to, but the subtlety is a BIG thing, still. I may never eat sushi without that reminder of how sushi should taste like again.

My mother and I took a quick trip to Akihabara to buy my father a camera for his birthday. Akihabara has a really awesome promo that if you’re item is a certain amount, being a foreigner, you can get it tax free! Since the camera we bought was FujiFilm, a Japanese company, the prices locally were a lot cheaper. We got a nice price for the camera plus an extra discount because we used a credit card for the transaction. SCORE!



Day 6 – Free Day

I chose to spend my free day at Akihabara. WEAB ALERT! I bought gunpla for my friends and stayed a while in a maid cafe. A MAID CAFE!  There weren’t any photos allowed in the Maid Cafe. So sad. You can opt to buy photos taken with them. It was Y500 per photo and was not cheap at all! But they were all so cute. They tried their hardest to make conversation with me but our language barrier was pretty big a wall to scale. I still had fun, though. Food was intensely expensive. It was to be expected because it was a ~themed~ cafe. Still, my wallet felt sadly light when I left. I also travelled to see the BIG art supplies store in Shinjuku. It’s named Seikado. It’s 5 floors of pure art materials. I was super excited to see it, but was sorely disappointed when I got there. It was similar to a National Bookstore. it may be tall, but the interior wasn’t expansive. Plus the art materials there were normally priced to more expensive than in the PH.


Looking back at the post this is more of a Japan experience rather than a Tokyo Japan Itinerary. But I guess you can take this as a guide to what you can experience when you visit Tokyo!



Watch out for my more helpful Japan Tokyo Tourist Tips!


Where in Japan would you like to go to? Share your thoughts below!

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