Treats for the Hungry

There was a downpour that day. I was alone at home, everyone in my family went out and I was left with our dogs. That day was the day before going to the grocery, which meant that our food supplies were nil. It was mid-afternoon. Lunch was but a far distant memory and dinner was nowhere to be seen in the horizon. Then, the greatest problem arose. I got hungry.

I didn’t have cash with me, and I didn’t want to go out because of the rain. And even if I wanted to go out, I couldn’t  because no one would be guarding our humble abode. I was going crazy and none of the food chains I know that delivered accepted credit card or debit card payments. So I did the unthinkable.

I ate my dogs’ treats.


Don’t worry. It was the biscuit kind, and I made sure to share it with them.

IMG_2695 IMG_2691 IMG_2690IMG_2694

Now there are places that delivered using online payments or credit cards. If only FoodPanda existed then. It wouldn’t have as funny a story to share, true, but I wouldn’t also needed to stoop that low a level to steal food from my dogs.

I’m so glad that online delivery exists. It definitely makes my life easier. I mean, really, where can you call one number and get over a thousand restaurants at your fingertips? You can just go to their site or download their app in your iPhone or Android phone and Tada! Food is on its way.


No more dialing, no more keeping all the menus of different restaurants in a drawer, going through pile after pile of paper just to look for the number and dishes available before finally getting to order, no more hassle.

No more eating pet food.

Ahh. Life is great with FoodPanda.


  • Ronalene
    Posted October 14, 2015 9:40 am 0Likes

    Anong lasa? Hahaha.

    • julia
      Posted October 14, 2015 10:24 am 0Likes

      Kind of like a savory Marie, the baby biscuit. 😛

  • Yan
    Posted October 14, 2015 3:00 am 0Likes

    hahaha nakakaloka. I bet dog biscuits taste good anyway so I wouldn’t mind. nice pitch for Food Panda lol XD

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