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There’s a travel website that yall should visit. It helps you plan, rate, and review all your trips (previously taken and otherwise) online in one happy beautiful experience! Read on to find out what I like and don’t like about!

What is TripHappy?

With TripHappy, you don’t have to worry about missing that once-in-a-lifetime experience. TripHappy compiles information from thousands of travelers to provide you with routes and recommendations you can trust. Think of it like getting travel advice from your best friends. They can tell you where to go, where to avoid, and how long to stay. Unlike other websites, you don’t have to sift through thousands of irrelevant reviews that might or might not have been written by an 80-year old couple on a cruise ship. Every itinerary, recommendation, or review on this site is from a traveler just like you.




In a nutshell, this site makes it easier for you to track your trips if you’re traveling to multiple cities and countries in one go. You could also use it to showcase you previous trips and review the places you’ve been to.


What I Like About TripHappy:


It’s a super cute way of subtly brag about the places you’ve been to, in all honesty. You can embed your TripHappy profile on your website and showcase the places you’ve seen and WILL see! It also lists the account of miles you’ve traveled.

Simple interface, draggable cards (which is +++ for me). I simply adore the UI of this. So clean and friendly and happy! Simply put, this is so user-friendly that I never even glanced at the “How To Use” but figured it out on my own.

Travel newbie friendly with beautiful pictures as guides. They also show the best destinations (in order of most visited) at description to help plan the trip. Since its in order of most visited, you can actually either a) visit the most visited site or b) do the road less travelled route!

After your visit, or when inputting your previous travels, you can include your very own reviews of each place. I love that they have simple ratings from Bad to Perfect so it’s simpler and easier. Plus it has this “How many days do you suggest a visit” pad. Tres tres magnifique!


What I Don’t Like About TripHappy:

My trips feel incomplete without putting in my specific tour itinerary. You can only put in the big places, such as popular areas, but not really the more specific itinerary, like certain museums and food places. Take for example my Malaysia Trip, I would have loved to nitpick every detail for a better and cohesive schedule, but the website limits me in that.



For an overview of the trip and the general destinations, TripHappy is an amazing website that really makes life easier. But for a nitpicker like me, it still lacks that teeny tiny details that make my stay the most comfortable it can be. If you aren’t as OC as me, the site does wonders. Armed with directions and general info, you can already use this to create the itinerary you need!


How do you plan your trips? 


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