Two Seasons Play House Mural

Mural Two Seasons Play House

I made another mural and this time it’s pretty far from the Metro. It’s all the way in Coron, Palawan, in a private island resort by Two Seasons. The mural I made was for the walls of their children’s play house.

The entire thing was themed Under the Sea so I created 3 different sub themes for the client to choose from. I labelled them Nature Theme, Fantasy Theme, and Man-Made theme. The Nature theme were more of natural resources: corals and fishes and sea creatures were the highlights. The Fantasy theme (my favorite theme, tbh) had elements like mermaids and underwater castles. The Man-made theme had elements that were human produced like sunken ships and submarines.


After which, I faced the client with another 3 options. Style. I can copy a lot of styles, but I have a certain preference for a few. However, I wanted the mural to be seamlessly integrated with the interior design of the place so I let them choose how it will look.


It was decided that instead of traditionally painting the mural on the wall, I would create it digitally and have it printed on those huge ass stickers that they use on commercial placesĀ and such. I was totally game for that. Less time on manual labor but it’ll still look awesome.

I had a lot of difficulties working digitally since my computer isn’t as fast and powerful as it could be. Don’t get me wrong I super love my PC, but working with 15 meter high resolution images takes its toll on a normal computer.

There were a a lot of bumps especially when we were printing the actual sticker. A lot of miscommunications and frustrations, but in the end, it all came through. I had to go to Coron to oversee the installation of the sticker in the play house a couple of times.


The whole thing is now finished! I want to go back to take photos, but guh. The amount it will cost me to fly back and forth just for photos isn’t worth it yet.


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