Unusual Cut Crop


Unusually cut white crop top, black jeggings, high heeled black leather boots. Accessorize with a white, gold studded leather belt for consistency with the white unusually cut crop top. Forgo the necklace for a simple stud earring and a thicker golden detailed bracelet. Wear the hair loose and wavy so its a beautiful cascade of curls and color.



I wore this outfit when I went to play in Ball Pit Manila in Makati. I wanted to wear white becauseI knew the balls would be white and I wanted to kind of blend in.

The black jeans were for the contrast of the white top. Also, if I wear this jeggings with my high heeled black keather shoes, my legs look so much longer. If you wear the same colored shoes as your pants. it will create the illusion that your legs look longer.



For my makeup I used my normal everyday makeup, but with a touch of contouring. Then, I added the Korean trending lip make up of darker lip color on the inside slowly blending to a lighter and more natural shade as it goes out.


I really like the details of these bracelet bangle thing I was wearing. The beige combined with gold looks really chic and elegant though its a bit bulky.


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