UP Pride

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Maroon UP jacket, denim shorts, black boots. Wear long white socks, scrunched up at the top, and black over-ear headphones as the main accessory of the outfit.

UP Pride, I think, as I don my jacket over my shirt. Yesterday, UP lost against UST in both women’s and men’s basketball game. But I am proud of how they played. They played hard, and they played well. I will forever be cheering for the UP Maroons, not just the basketball team, but also the other varsity teams.



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Underneath my UP jacket, I proudly wear the other UP color, luntian. This green crop top  doesn’t need a necklace as an accessory because of its feather prints on the neckline. To show off both colors, simply tie the jacket around the waist.

The only downside is that your outfit doesn’t scream UP anymore. If they don’t immediately get that you’re wearing your UP pride on your sleeve (or whole outfit) you can easily be confused as celebrating Christmas a wee bit earlier.

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