UV Baby WaterBurst Sunscreen Review

uv baby

Blushing Beauty gave out a few products to review and try! This is one of those.  The UV Baby Water-Burst Sunscreen. Its SPF30+ PA+++. One of the few sunscreens that are locally manufactured and distributed.

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There are many local brands that carry and manufacture sunscreen. One of those brands is Dermax Professional. It’s a sister company of Skin Station and Blushing Beauty skin clinics.  Dermax Professional carries a multitude of skin care products that are both high quality and affordable. Even still, most of their stuff are very much for sensitive skin.

UV Baby is very light. It’s not as oily or greasy as most sunscreens I’ve tried, but neither is it as matte as I would have liked. It does stay long on the skin.

Putting it on your face is a breeze. I suspect it’s because of its water-burst technology. It creates water droplets when you rub it so the water probably helps in the lubrication. Plus plus plus! Putting the sunscreen feels refreshing because of that.

I would use this UV Baby sunscreen for light daily use. Although, I would not use this for occasions that calls for heavy makeup. Because it’s doesn’t have a high SPF, I also won’t use this when spending a lot of time in the sun. Especially NOT on the beach. It’s not water resistant so just wave this sunscreen goodbye.

A great feature the UV Baby sunscreen is that its safe to use on children 6 months and above! It’s that light and gentle! Honestly, people with sensitive skin would benefit most from this.

Best thing about UV Baby sunscreen? It’s affordable price. It’s Php720 and the container is huge! Compared to a lot of sunscreens in the market, this one really is a steal. It’s available in all Skin Station, Dermax Professional, and Blushing Beauty skin clinics.


Did you have a similar experience with UV Baby Water-Burst Sunscreen  

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