#VPartySeries Experience: Review

The #VPartySeries is produced by Breakout Philippines. I’ve blogged about how much I was looking forward to this event a few weeks ago. I was invited to bring two of my friends to try their special collaboration with Victoria Court. Because Spectre was showing, we chose the 007 room to book for the must try terrifying Breakout!


The Experience

We arrived in Victoria Court, Malate around 9:30am. We have been advised to be at the site 15 minutes before our scheduled slots. The lobby was creepily decorated with dolls tied in trees, black couches, and a corner with creepy photos, candles, and a small coffin. We were so excited. The front desk had told us the rules and they even have a safe phrase. If you say “I want my mommy”, the scare will end. The game will continue, but the scare will end and you won’t get a clue. With the loud horror music playing in the reception area, we were really anticipating this event.


A little after 10, a marshall took us to our designated room a
nd assigned us our moderator. The moderator explained that from this point on, we can not bring in our things and we cannot talk about the details about anything that happens hereon after.

The Aftermath

We left the room feeling frustrated and disappointed. Maybe the event has been hyped too much, or maybe we expected a lot, but it didn’t meet our expectations. I have to admit that the concept was great, but the execution, not so much. Firstly, it wasn’t scary as they had been advertising, and secondly, there was more time wasted waiting around than solving the puzzles. I personally felt that there could be so much more that could have been done to improve the experience. The potential of their concept was great but the reached experience was very much lacking.


If I had to pay Php500 for each person, for a 45 minute experience, I would say that it is really not worth the price. Breakout PH can do so much better than what they had served last Saturday.

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