White on White on White


White silk sleeved and pocketed top, and white lacey pocketless shorts. Completed with a white semi-platform canvas sneakers with no socks showing. Accessorized with a golden leaves and chain necklace, tan leather strapped rectangular wrist watch, and square golden simple earrings. A bonus accessory are the rounded sunnies for a softer look. Wore my hair loose but clipped slightly with a white pin for a subtle curl.


I wore this outfit when I was invited by Green Thumb Coalition to attend a talk about saving the Earth. Part of the talk was a full tour around La Mesa Eco Park. More on that on a later post.

I specifically chose these shoes because its really comfortable for long walks. The shorts and top are also for practical purposes. I knew I was going to be walking around under the unforgiving sun so I should be prepared. Breezy and light clothes for me today. I was not proven wrong. The whole day was a comfortable experience.


IMG_8289 IMG_8291 IMG_8286

I used a monochromatic scheme to add a bit of elegance in my otherwise simple outfit. To make monochromatic pieces add a different flavor to each other, make use of different textures. In the ensemble, I used silk for the top, lace for the shorts, and canvas for the shoes. Although all are white, the textures differentiate them and add the pop you want your outfits to have. I made sure that most my accessories weren’t white. I know my hair is colored and that’s partly what gives this outfit a burst of color, but since my hair right now is a bit pastelly, its not as big a burst as I would have liked. I used the golds then to accentuate the outfit.



What I really adore about this outfit is that its splendidly comfortable and airy. Being in an airconditioned room is comfortable, walking in the heat is tolerable. In the summer heat wave, this is the perfect outfit for roaming around the city.


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