The Winning Image: Personality Development Workshop by Go Up Events

I was cordially invited by GoUp Events to their personality workshop titled “The Winning Image: Personality Development”.



Let me introduce the speaker: Leizel Obuga. She was a model, professional personality trainer. Liezel was an amazing speaker. She knew exactly what she needed to teach and how to get her message across. Not only that, she felt very approachable and knowledgeable in her field.

The focus of the The Winning Image was professionalism. Meaning it’s more of the corporate set up. The lessons tackled, including fashion, makeup, and bearing, of course, is centrally aimed to the corporate business and image.



The key note for fashion in the business world is Appropriation. Learn your place in the hierarchy and dress appropriately. Never too loud, too bold, or too skimpy. Some of the tricks I learned involved an appropriation technique called Numbers 11-13. This technique asks you to count the pieces of accessory/clothing you are wearing. If you go OVER 13 pieces, you could be overdressed. However, BELOW 11 pieces, and you need more accessories.

Some topics highlighted in the Winning Image included the fashion must haves and basics. Frankly, this part felt more of a refresher course than a new topic to digest.



Our speaker, Daryll, is very knowledgeable in makeup. He taught very well and targeted makeup beginners for his talk in the Winning Image. One of the best things he did included promoting makeup that isn’t expensive for beginners. Those makeup can be bought in very accessible places, too. That way, makeup can be a gradual addition of pieces instead of a huge expensive investment. He also taught the audience unconventional uses for a lot of makeup, including concealer. With that, it was a very entertaining and insightful part of the workshop.



I loved this part of the workshop, learining to sit, walk, and stand properly. It included us trying to imitate Leizel’s attitude and decorum. With a few demonstrations, she got us walking, sitting, and standing with elegance. Another thing, table manners introduced breezily but encompassed a lot of the basics. I loved how the whole class contributed to the knowledge of table manners and etiquette.



Of course, a great way to see the quality of an event is if they started and ended on time. That in itself speaks volumes on how they value your time and effort. I also use this as a mark of their professionalism. After all, everyone’s time is valuable. Wonderfully, The Winning Image did just that and more.

Fashion and Makeup was nothing really new for me. I took that Very helpful for beginners and new comers in the corporate field. Looking back, this particular workshop would be wonderful if they offered to teach this in all corporations so they could maintain a standard.


Go Up Events Management is a registered business dedicated to building confidence among young professionals through organizing and marketing events about life skills, excellence at work, fun, and play. Visit their facebook page or email them at [email protected]

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