Wolf and Bear / Bengal Brew Cafe Review

Wolf and Bear / Bengal Brew Cafe are joint pet cafes. Bengal Brew is their extension to a cat cafe and Wolf and Bear is their extension to a dog cafe. But that’s not where it ends. Both cafes boasts of their GIANT cats and dogs. You read that right! Not only do they have the cutest animal friends, they have HUGE animal friends.



I think Wolf & Bear/ Bengal Brew Cafe have a great location. Centrally located in Cubao, front and center of the building, and walking distance from both the MRT and LRT lines.



The big glass walls in the front perfectly showcases the three parts of the cafes. The foyer or the entrance, the Cat Cafe, and the Dog Cafe. The entrance felt a bit stuffy, but tolerable. It’s display of cakes and pastries look delectable because of the beautiful colors and shapes. The blackboard menu boasts of their many affordable drinks and dishes to try. From the entrance, you can already see the cats lounging about and spritely jumping on to the different surfaces. By then, my excitement reached its peak!

The cat cafe’s theme is darker than that of the dogs. Maybe because of the more mysterious nature of cats? Or maybe the cats like the dark better? But my guess is that the huge Bengal cat looks better in a darker space.

Meanwhile, the dog cafe looked more relaxed and spacious. While the dog cafe’s interiors seem lighter, it’s separated into three more parts. A lounge, a holding for the giant dogs, and the second floor. The lounge provides a place where the friendlier dogs and puppies play with each other and with humans. However,the holding for giant dogs are further separated per dog and you’re only allowed to carefully pet one giant, but ferocious dog, at a time. Lastly, the second floor is dedicated for eating and consuming your drinks. Not to fear, a few dogs play and stay in the second floor.



Personally, I found the service crew too few. It took a while for the food to reach us, considering we only 3 drinks and 3 pre-cooked pastry. There was a slow down in entering and exiting the animal filled halls. You can settle your bill after the hours are up, but even that felt a bit slow. I had time to pet a few more cats while they processed our payment.



For our orders, I got the Fat Burner and Chocolate Paradise. Overall, I thought the drinks and food tasted average. Don’t get me wrong. The cake tasted good. But it just wasn’t exceptional. Similarly with the drinks we ordered. It was all fine and all, but not spectacular. However, the drink we ordered tasted a wee bit sweet for my taste.



My new boyfriend!

The variety of dogs there were plenty, too. Both huge and small dogs roam around the dog cafe looking for a place to nap or a human to play with. The big huskies are kept in separate area. They’re big, territorial, and frankly kinda scary. No worries, the other big dogs in the lounge were super friendly. I even got a boyfriend! The smaller dogs craved affection. Most of them kept running around looking for humans. The sleepy ones are better if you



I never got to play with the Bengal Cat. He was all curled up asleep next to the cash register. I enjoyed playing with the fatter cats. I really loved watching the two cats pounce and play, the sleepig kittens were too cute for words. magnificent cats strolling aimlessly around the ceiling



Although the pricing felt fair for an entrance fee for a dog and cat cafe, I still wished it were a bit lower. Firstly, the food wasn’t exceedingly good, although tasty enough. Secondly, it took a while to arrive. But the amount of dogs and cats, and the place was just HUGE! My last say is that the pricing is fair.


Overall of Bengal Brew/ Wolf and Bear

Overall, I quite liked Bengal Brew/ Wolf & Bear. Definitely, if time permits, I plan to come back hopefully before the first half of the year is over. Although I’m still hoping for better service, appreciate if more places to eat, second floor too gloomy, nice location, better food, not a dining establishment, great stress reliever,



  • Visit on a weekday for less people, more pets!
  • Be mindful of the bigger dogs, they might bite. Yikes!
  • Skip lounging in the cat cafe if you dont like cats and vice versa
  • IMPORTANT! Bring/wear a pair of socks. It’s a must before entering the cafe.
  • They have a promo for alcohol after a certain time.

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