Yuujin Japanese in Wilson: Foodie Review


For weeks, I’ve craved sushi and sashimi. I even watched this video of comparing sushi places in LA which only made me crave sushi all the more. I’ve heard that there was a sushi place quite near me and I was determined to try it. Hence, Yuujin was the next foodie destination for me.


Yuujin can be found in Wilson Street, a fairly busy street with minimal parking, but Yuujin does its best. It’s a great location because of how near it is to Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, Cardinal Medical Center, and a lot of residential areas. Without a car, though, it’s qiute tricky to get there. Your best bet is to take the Uber there.


Weirdly, this establishment feels homey to me. Though furnished with traditional Japanese fabric and patterns, the overall feel to it gives off the aura of a relaxed and pleasant abode. The seats were spaced quite nicely, giving breathing room to all diners even when it’s full to the brim. I love how clean their bathroom was, too! Plus, it even had a bidet.


I’ve heard that the best dishes to order here are their sushi. Determined to taste the best, I ordered their platter of sushi, a platter of tuna sashimi, a platter of salmon sashimi, and an order of beef teppanyaki.

Tuna and Salmon Sashimi

These are one of the freshest plates of fishes my mouth have the luxury of meeting. Not only do they taste fresh and succulent, Yuujin cut the fish so big that you can actually enjoy the flavor fully in your mouth. The quality of both fishes were also top notch.

Beef Teppanyaki

I wasn’t so impressed with their beef teppanyaki. Although it was tender and tasty, it didn;t taste spectacular. It was quite anti-climactic especially after tasting the sashimi. I wish it were a bit saltier and the flavor lacks the punch, saltiness, and acidity that teppanyakis should have.

Sushi Taster Platter

Serving 7 different kinds of sushi. They served crab stick, sweet fried egg, tuna, salmon, shrimp, cuttlefish, and sardines. They also included 4 pieces of tuna maki and red ginger. My favorites were the super tender cuttlefish and salmon. Their sushi rice was very sticky and flavorful. Honestly, I prefer a more subtle taste, but the texture of the rice was exquisite, and the amount of the top very ample.



Water refill needed no call, food arrived fresh within 10 minutes, and servers talked politely. Service definitely deserves first class rating. I actually forgot our leftovers to takeaway in the restaurant. I called them up an hour later at home and asked if they still have it. They immediately put our food in their fridge, all ready for me to pick up whenever. I am in  love with their service!



Though it isn’t cheap, it’s not super expensive either. Not only that, but for the amount and the quality they serve, I think that the price is totally well deserved. Overall, for 2 sashimi dishes, a huge platter of sushi, and a serving of beef teppan costed us around Php 1,500.


Overall of Yuujin Japanese Restaurant

Now I don’t wonder why this place gets really full easily. Not only do they serve quality food, the service is outstanding. Though I didn’t like the beef teppan, I’m absolutely enamored with the sashimi and sushi of the place. I can’t wait to try more dishes here. It’s totally worth coming here albeit the very limited parking just for a tasste of the glorious flavors of their cuisine.


 02 7060626 | 02 9251155
Open Daily 11 AM to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM

221 Wilson Street, Greenhills, San Juan City

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